I received OASIS Journal 2012 the other day. It is beautifully edited and of high quality, showing the result of many hours of your time. Thank you, once again, for including my work and the work of so many writers thrilled to be in print.
Kathy O’Brien

Thank you so much for the copy of OASIS Journal 2012. I keep it in my purse and read in every waiting area. When I’ve finished a poem or story, I read about the author—it gives an added dimension to the work. I have to smile when I see the book—it adds delight to my days. And I do appreciate the title of Special that was given to my piece this year. I particularly like it when the author leaves some clue or address so that I can drop him/her a short note of appreciation, or some nice comments about the work. This must be a lot of work for you, to get the book out every year. But it’s such a great service, encouragement, and good reading for thousands of people.
Marie Thérèse Gass

I’ve enjoyed attending Mary Harker’s class at OASIS in San Diego for several years and it just gets better and better, as does the beautiful OASIS Journal. I have felt honored to be included in several volumes.
Seretta Martin

Thanks for making this publishing opportunity available. It gives me something to shoot for and motivates me to improve my writing.
Buck Dopp

I am so pleased that my first time publication appears in a journal that not only has such a professional appearance, but is packed with content that’s such a pleasure to read.
Lynette Dathorne

OASIS Journal is always a joy to read. You do a wonderful job of putting it together.”
Trudy Barton

“2010 was an excellent collection, and I was most pleased by it all. Thanks for your fine work.”
Ruth Moon Kempher, Kings Estate Press

“Congratulations on getting out another handsome book packed full of such a variety of stories, poems, and essays. Something in it for everyone.”
Joan Zekas

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Paula Ashley

    OASIS Journal 2013 is out, available, and delightful. Thank you, Leila, for such dedication to writers over fifty. I am concerned that your health may be low at the moment because this website has not been updated. Be well. Paula Ashley

  2. Charles Harold

    I thought I could order a 2016 book from you but I can’t find out how to do it on this website. I was trying to cut out the “middleman”!

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Charles, I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I can no longer physically handle packing and shipping books, so I now rely on the “middleman” to do that for me. Please order your book through the links included on this website.
      Leila Joiner, Editor


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