Poetry Winner


Laundry and Poetry

Copyright © Bernadette Blue


To days of laundry and poetry I have awakened
Purposed to sorting words and colors into piles,
Looking for inspiration and clever juxtapositions
Mid a red, white, and black milieu of gathered thoughts.

Searching for significance is not an easy chore,
Finding grace in the mundane begs a Frost or Whitman.
I am too easily distracted folding towels and jeans,
And tasks that do not do themselves.

Unloading underwear from machines
I still untangle rhymes and doubts,
Mating philosophies and socks in incongruent pairs,
Seeking hidden truths explaining the illogical.

Still it is necessity that rules the cycle of a day.
In the ritual of words and washing sheets
I can only pin them on a line,
Hope they catch a breeze, and let them fly.



1 thought on “Poetry Winner

  1. Barbara O'Leary

    I have awakened to laundry often. Would be nice to awaken to poetry too. A combination that isn’t common. Maybe, laundry would be a joy and not a chore, if I combined the two.


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