Below are commonly asked questions. If what you need to know is not included, please leave a new question in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the page.

Q:  I am one of the authors of a poem/story published in the OASIS Journal. Do I need permission to publish it elsewhere? I noticed the copyright page says nothing can be reprinted without permission.

A:  The book as a whole is copyrighted by the editor/publisher, but each author retains the copyright to his or her own work. Once the OASIS Journal has been published, you can reprint your poem or story anywhere you wish.

Q:  Do your contest judges see the author’s name on the entries they read?

A:  No, this is a blind contest. All author identification is removed from the copies that are sent to the judges.

Q:  May I submit more than one item to the OASIS Journal?

A: Yes, people often send in more than one submission, and also in more than one category.

Q:  From the guidelines it’s not clear to me whether you want a title page with poem titles, name, address, etc., or if you want name, address, etc. at the top every every page of poetry.

A:  Either is okay, but the author’s name should appear on every page, just in case the pages get separated.

Q:  Do you keep submission copies or do you send them back?

A:  All submissions are recycled once they are no longer needed by the publisher, so please never send originals—only copies.

Q:  I was wondering if submissions are eligible that have been published on the Internet.

A:  Yes, Internet publication is not the same as print publication—not yet, anyway. Feel free to submit anything that has been e-published.

Q:  Do you consider simultaneous submissions?

A:  No, I’m sorry, but we can’t accept a submission that is currently being looked at elsewhere. If it were selected for publication in the Journal, and then you decided to pull it because it had been accepted someplace else, the time put into evaluating your entry would have been wasted.

25 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. lawrence carleton

    if we have a story published in one year’s journal, are we still allowed to send in something for another year’s journal?

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Yes, you can submit new work to OASIS Journal every year. Sometimes, if a piece is not accepted one year, the author will rewrite it and resubmit it the following year. Thanks for asking!

    2. Desiree Woodland

      I don’t see any info on 2018 Journal submissions. Are you accepting them for this year? There is an application from last year, will there be a different one for this year?

      1. Leila Joiner Post author

        Sorry for the delay. As soon as I finish doing my taxes, I’ll put up a new submission form for 2018. But I do not accept submissions until May.

  2. Frank Light

    May we submit poems that have been e-published and that are part of a larger collection that is being submitted for possible book publication? The book publisher would have no problem with Oasis also using these poems, so I would not need to pull them from your consideration in the unlikely event the publisher accepts the submission.

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Frank, as long as the other publisher has no problem with your poems appearing in OASIS Journal, and I would not have to pull them from the book, I see no problem with your simultaneous submission. I would appreciate your making a note of this in your cover letter, though.

  3. Tony Concannon

    If a story that has been published online is accepted, do you acknowledge that online publication in your journal?

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      By the time I get all submissions read, write and mail all the acceptance/rejection letters, and the PO delivers them, it’s probably late August. One problem I have every year is people who wait till the the end of July to mail their submissions. This is compounded by the fact that we have lots of thunderstorms in Tucson during July/August, so I often have to unplug my computer and can’t work as much.

      1. Wrighting Life

        Got it. Darn weather! I just wanted to be sure not to submit anything I’d sent you to anyone else until (or if) I hear back from you. But it sounds like you notify authors either way. I appreciate that!

  4. Janet Richey

    I have purchased the 2016 Oasis Journal. I am interested in submitting one of my articles; however, I cannot find a submission form or the guidelines for submittal. Where do I find these?

  5. Jacquelyn Gatewood

    I submitted 3 poems to the journal 10 days ago. I looked through a friend’s copy of the journal & saw the biographies of writers in the back. I did not submit one when I sent my poems in. Do you contact writers later for the bios when the submissions are accepted?

  6. Lawrence Carleton

    Hm bet you’re buried with submissions this year. It’s near the end of September – hazard a guess about when you’ll notify of acceptances?

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Hi Lawrence — I did already send out notices to everyone who sent me a SASE, but my Excel data balked at sending out to those who didn’t. Probably something I did wrong but did not have time to figure it out. Your story, Riesereans, will appear this year. Thanks!

      1. Lawrence Carleton

        Thanks. I feel pretty sure I sent a SASE, but reality does not depend on my imagination – luckily for reality.

  7. Molly Hollenbach

    Do writers whose work you choose to publish receive anything – such as one free copy – other than glory?

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Molly, I used to send a free copy to everyone whose work was accepted. At 81 I can no longer handle the packing & shipping involved in that, so to counter the loss of a complimentary book I stopped requiring the $10 submission fee. I feel they balance out. I wouldn’t exactly call it “glory,” but many people seem awfully happy with the quality of OASIS Journal. It’s not a print & staple job on newsprint!


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