OASIS Journal is an annual anthology of short fiction, short nonfiction, and poetry by writers over fifty, first published in 2002 by Imago Press. OASIS Journal showcases the work of older writers who have so much to contribute to our literary legacy, but are often overlooked because of their age. The authors included come from widely varied backgrounds, currently from the U.S., Canada, and France, and their stories are both entertaining and compelling in their passion, humor, and diversity.

Submissions are accepted every year from May 1 through July 31 (postmark). Anyone at least 50 years old is eligible.

2018 Submission Form

Past issues of OASIS Journal are available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.


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  4. Jacquelyn Gatewood

    To Leila Joiner. I am waiting with anticipation to be informed that my poetry has been accepted. This weekend I learned my email acct has been hacked & taken over by someone else. My new email address is jacqg38@gmail.com. Please correct your records. Thank you. Jacquelyn Gatewood

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Thanks, Jacquelyn. I’ve made the change. I’m late getting out replies this year. Actually, I’m behind on everything this year! Two of your poems were accepted for publication.

      1. Jacquelyn Gatewood

        Wonderful! Thank you for your quick reply. I assume you will inform me when I should submit a bio for the journal. Best, Jacquelyn

  5. Hugh L. Beykirch

    Hi Ms Joiner, I learned from one of my fellow writers today that he learned of acceptance of his submission(s). Since I submitted on line, I never mailed in a “rejection envelope”. I would appreciate knowing if one or both of my submissions were not invited allowing me to submit elsewhere. Thank you for your considerate reply. Hugh Beykirch

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Dorothy, I don’t have any record of receiving a submission from you, unless it was sent under a different name. Everything I receive is listed on arrival in my Excel spreadsheet, but there’s no one named Ross there. Did you send it by mail or email? What was the title of your nonfiction piece?

      1. Dorothy Ross

        Leila, On June 21, 2017 I submitted a hard copy of my non-fiction piece Hobbled in Hobbs. I have attached the article and my cover letter. I hope it wasn’t lost in the mail. Dorothy Ross

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Two were accepted, Heidi. “Owed to the Lanyard” and “Do Not Let the Small Things Slide.” Sorry for not including that information in your letter, but I am really pressed for time trying to get the book to printer by Oct. 1. People seem to think I have a staff of workers here, but I do not. There’s only me working on this book every year. I’m responsible for everything in between the writing and the printing.

  6. James V Gearhart

    Hi, are you open for submissions? I am interested in submitting, but the “2018 Submission Form” link does not seem to be working.

  7. Musings

    Hello, Leila,
    I submitted an essay on July 27, 2018, and haven’t received a reply. (The Wounded Recognizing The Wounded). Any chance it will be accepted or shall I look for another home for it?
    Thank you!

  8. Hugh L Beykirch aka Harald Lutz Bruckner

    Hi Leila,

    Just checking to see if you included any of my three submissions in the upcoming Oasis Journal 2018.

    Hugh/Harald Lutz Bruckner

    1. Leila Joiner Post author

      Hi Hugh — I searched my Excel spreadsheet and did not find any of your names listed, so as far as I know, I have not received any submissions from you, unless you are listed under some other name. How did you send them? Snail mail or email? And when did you send them? Please reply to my email address: ljoiner@dakotacom.net

      1. Hugh L Beykirch aka Harald Lutz Bruckner

        Hi Leila,

        I just forwarded to you our original communication from June 10, 2018. Hope this helps.

        Hugh aka Harald Lutz Bruckner

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