UPDATE: If you sent any submissions to OASIS Journal 2018, please assume some of your work will appear in the book and send me an updated author bio ASAP, preferably via email to:

I am sadly behind schedule this year due to working on a different book, so still trying to get caught up!

OASIS Journal began in 2002 when I was taking a class at OASIS in Tucson, Arizona from one of the two best creative writing teachers I’ve ever encountered: Dan Gilmore, who has published short stories, poetry, and a novel. For more information about OASIS Journal and Imago Press, please see the interview at Allyson Latta’s website.

Submissions are accepted every year from May 1 through July 31 (postmark). Anyone at least 50 years old is eligible.


OASIS Journal 2017 (6.14 x 9.21, 615 pages) available now for $20 at:


OASIS Journal 2016 (6.14 x 9.21, 528 pages) available now for $20 at:

OASIS Journal 2015 (6×9, 376 pages) available now for $14 at:



Past issues of OASIS Journal are available for purchase at:
Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.


1 thought on “How It Began

  1. Eleanor Little

    Love that Oasis has a website now — yay! It will be easier to contact you, and hopefully you won’t be as swamped on your email.
    Thanks very much.
    Can’t believe that another whole year has flown by. Every good wish to you,
    Eleanor Little, San Diego


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